Catalyst Communications is a specialty firm in Alberta’s Capital Region, focusing on increasing organizations’ exposure, community reach and engagement. Our team of content creators, public relations experts and community integration professionals aims to utilize innovative organic growth strategies over costly marketing approaches that result in a lower return on investment.

"Catalyst Communications was integral in both our own Communications Strategy and as a consultant on numerous client-initiated projects. Catalyst provided us with strategies we continue to use today, which have helped to extend our reach while reducing marketing expenses."
Tim Carwell
President, CommAlert Group of Companies

Our Vision

Working collaboratively with organizations towards improved communications capabilities and understanding.

Our Mission

Catalyst Communications aims to propel organizations to sustained growth and increased exposure through strategic planning and ongoing support, while also honing in on innovative and proactive Crisis Communications needs.

Our Belief

The creation and implementation of proper communications strategies and innovative approaches can reduce long-term organizational costs, while seeing improved results.

"[Catalyst Communications founder] Benjamin Proulx increased our following on all platforms by over 300%... and it has kept our programs running at capacity with large waitlists. I have seen him go beyond his role, putting in extra hours to ensure that news stories were being published in our local paper, and messages and comments were being replied to, all while creating an amazing media plan for our organization."
Tyler Roed
Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club

Catalyst Communications offers a suite of services specific to different organizational needs, including services meant to focus directly on the communications and marketing goals and requirements of non-profit and business organizations. Our list of available services includes:

Communications and Marketing Strategies

Digital Media and Social Media Strategies

Graphic Design and Web Design

Social Media Management

Crisis Communications

Public Relations and Media Relations

Brand Identity

Content Creation

Grant Writing Services

"[Catalyst Communications founder Benjamin Proulx] impressed me with his forthright questions, demonstrating his deep knowledge of municipal and other levels of government. His reports on issues were balanced and I found him always willing to challenge the status quo... I believe Benjamin Proulx to be, above all, an extremely competent professional who is passionate about community."
Roxanne Carr
Former Mayor, Strathcona County
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